Why, What, How from NFIR

The “Why”

We believe that in our society, it is important to be resilient to the dangers and risks of the digital world. With our motivation and experience we can help organizations and individuals to increase their digital resilience. Our passion for IT-Security and the urge to help clients in the best possible way is particularly great!

The “What”

Our experienced staff is on call 24/7 to help clients with cyber security incidents, conduct digital forensic investigations, monitoring real-time our customers’ IT infrastructure, Detect vulnerabilities by performing pentests and create cyber security awareness by giving trainings, lectures and live demos. These services all contribute to creating and increasing (your) digital resilience.

The “How”

We help our clients by deploying the very best IT security specialists, who are not only highly skilled and creative, but also act quickly, work procedurally and communicate with our clients in understandable language.