Cyber security awareness for security awareness in the workplace

Security awareness is the degree to which employees are aware of the dangers related to information security. Good information security is only possible if policies and technology are in place and if employees act appropriately. Yet human action still often proves to be a weak link in this equation. Employees click on links in phishing emails or knowingly and unknowingly share information with unauthorized persons. Organizations often struggle with employee engagement in the areas of information security and privacy because employees are unaware of the important role they play in this area. Our security awareness services help your organization activate the human firewall and reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident.

Why is security awareness so important?

The number of companies and organizations that have to deal with a cybersecurity incident increases every year. Fortunately, advanced processes and techniques are available today that can reduce the likelihood of an incident. If you have the right technical measures in place to make your IT environment resilient, and if you have the right processes in place around policies, the third key element of this triangle is people. After all, processes and techniques within your organization are controllable, humans are not. Security awareness helps your organization develop humans into its strongest link.

How does our service increase your security awareness?

NFIR creates awareness and behavior change in the areas of information security and privacy. We do this by testing your employees’ behavior, providing insight into current awareness and training your employees. For a process-based improvement of security awareness within your organization, NFIR offers a 3-year Awareness Program. After all, only when your employees regularly learn and are made aware of the importance of information security (and their role in it) will it bear the intended fruit. The components from the Awareness Program are also offered separately, and in addition we have activities specifically for management and board, and the children of employees.

Awareness Program

NFIR offers a comprehensive 3-year Awareness Program consisting of e-learning modules, training sessions, phishing simulations and organized activities.

Phishing simulation

Gain insight into your employees' current awareness through phishing simulations customized by our ethical hackers.

Incident Response dry-run

Prepare your organization for a cybersecurity incident with a dry-run that mimics an incident.


Strengthen the resilience of your employees and management with presentations that match your organization's development needs.

Cookie van eigen deeg

Cookie of Your Own Dough is a cyber youth event that takes children between the ages of 8 and 12 on an exciting cyber adventure where they learn to become resilient to key cyber risks.

NFIR Security Awareness

Are you interested in one or more security awareness solutions and do you also want to increase security awareness in a sustainable way within your organization? Then contact one of our security awareness accountants.

Increase security awareness in a sustainable way within your organization?

Reducing the likelihood of an incident and mitigating
of damage starts with security awareness.

Security awareness represents the degree to which employees are aware of the dangers related to information security. Moreover, it is about the extent to which employees understand the potential threats their organization faces and their impact.

Cybersecurity incidents frequently occur because employees consciously or unconsciously act in the wrong way. If employees are more aware of information security, become better at recognizing risks and acting in the right way, then that reduces the chance of an incident or its impact.

Organizations’ IT departments often go to great lengths to ensure that technical resilience is as high as possible. Information security is just more than the technical side. Many security incidents and data breaches do not arise from technical failure but often from unconsciously incorrect actions by employees.

Increasing security awareness can be done in several ways. NFIR offers several options for increasing your employees’ awareness of information security and recognizing cybersecurity risks.

Are you looking for a process-based approach to security awareness within your organization? Then the Awareness Program offers a complete solution.

Would you like to use separate security awareness services? Then you can choose from:

  • Phishing simulations
  • Incident response dry-run
  • Presentations for different levels and audiences
  • Walk-in

All of these services are also part of the Awareness Program.