NFIR is a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University and was granted to NFIR in January 2020, after it was found that NFIR had met all the requirements. The allocation is based on the work carried out by NFIR, but also on the parties with which NFIR cooperates.

NFIR’s Incident Response team is deployed in cooperation with and for private individuals, SMEs, government bodies, multinationals, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. As a CERT, NFIR is one of the major organizations involved in combating cyber incidents, such as the NCSC, the IBD, the Ministry of Defence, telecom organizations and banks. Among these CERTs, there is an overriding confidence in a sector by speaking the same language, which makes cooperation possible.

ISO-27001 and ISO-9001

NFIR holds an ISO-27001 and an ISO-9001 certification. These international ISO standards set requirements for information security, with the aim of ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data. NFIR has been audited by BSI for implementation and compliance with these standards. With its certification for the ISO-27001 standard, NFIR proves that it deals with data in a careful and confidential manner and that it controls the information processes within the organisation. With the addition of the ISO-9001 certification, NFIR demonstrates our ability to provide the services that meet information security and quality requirements and desires of our customers.

The scope of the certification includes limiting the consequential damage of cyber incidents and increasing the digital resilience of organizations through response and preventive IT security services.

The CCV Seal of Approval for Pen Testing

The CCV Pen testing Certification safeguards the quality of pen testing and ensures that purchasers of our pen testing services can have a legitimate confidence that the pen testing delivered meets the requirements set in advance. Organizations that have the CCV Pen testing Certification have been tested on working methods, qualifications of employees, procedural work and the use of standards.

About NFIR

NFIR is a Dutch company specialized in forensic services and incident response. In particular, we focus on supporting organizations responsible for the national digital infrastructure. NFIR’s clients are largely in the vital sectors (energy, telecommunications/ict, drinking water, food, health, financial, turn & manage surface water, public order and security, rule of law, public administration, transportation, chemical and nuclear industries). Read more about NFIR and its preventive and reactive Cyber Security services.