NFIR is in possession of a POB permit and all employees have chief of police approval. In addition, the digital forensic investigators are in possession of a ‘yellow pass’.

POB license

The POB (Private Investigation Bureau) permit issued by the Minister of Justice and Security allows NFIR to carry out its activities. In addition, the license covers the processing of special personal data, with which we (may) come into contact when performing our services.

The POB number of NFIR is: 1672.

Permission Chief of Police

In order to determine whether employees are allowed to work for a detective agency, the department of Chief of Police duties of the Haaglanden district carried out a screening on the reliability of all NFIR employees. All NFIR employees have such permission.

Yellow card

NFIR employs digital forensic investigators who have obtained the diploma of ‘private investigator’. By being in possession of this diploma, they have obtained the private investigator’s identity card. This proof of identity is called the ‘yellow card’ and has a validity of 3 years. The yellow pass covers that our digital forensic investigators are allowed to investigate individuals.