Complaints procedure

NFIR strictly works in accordance with the Privacy Code of Conduct for Private Detective Agencies, section Private Detective Agencies of the Dutch Security Industry, under the supervision of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). The NFIR Complaints procedure is in accordance with Article 18 (establishing the complaints procedure) of the Regulations for Private Security Organisations and Investigative Agencies. NFIR does not charge any costs for submitting and handling a complaint.

A complaint must be submitted in writing within six weeks of the date on which the conduct complained of took place. The complaint must be submitted to


Attn: NFIR Complaint handling
Verlengde Tolweg 2
2517 JV Den Haag

The notice of complaint must in any case contain a statement of complaint:
a. Name, complainant’s address;
b. Date;
c. Description of the conduct and/or service objected to;
d. The basis on which the complainant objects.

The management assesses the complaint and ensures that the handling of the complaint, within 14 working days after receipt, is confirmed to the complainant by means of a letter of receipt. Within 30 working days of the sending of the acknowledgement of receipt, the management shall take a position on the complaint submitted. The complainant shall be informed thereof in writing. In the first instance, an attempt will be made to mediate in the complaint. If this does not lead to the desired result, an independent complaints committee will be called in.

Any complaint received will be notified by NFIR to the Minister of Security and Justice. The Minister will receive a copy of the complaint lodged.

You can read the full complaint procedure at the link below: