Bizway is an all-round ICT company with employees from different backgrounds. This means that it can serve customers in many areas and the customer has one contact for all ICT services. Not multiple phone numbers, but 1 contact for all your ICT services. Bizway advises, installs and maintains clients’ entire ICT environment, thinks about the future and offers 24/7 support if something goes wrong. 

Bizway has incorporated the Cyber Security Support Contract services of NFIR into its workplace management services. NFIR provides Bizway Incident Response support as needed.  

Guardian360 - NFIR partner


Guardian360 provides monitoring and scanning services that continuously monitor office automation networks and web applications....

Intermax Cloudsourcing - NFIR partner

Intermax Cloudsourcing

Intermax has grown into the most certified cloud sourcing company in the Netherlands. That has everything to do with her vision: systems ...