Cyber Veilig Nederland is the interest group dedicated to creating an optimal business climate for cyber security companies in the Netherlands. They bring transparency to the sector by developing a code of conduct and hallmark. In addition, they actively participate in the public debate and see cyber security not only as a risk, but also as an opportunity to position the Netherlands as a country that produces safe products and services. Cyber Security Netherlands will enter into dialogue with the government and other strategic partners in order to put its knowledge and expertise of the cyber security field to good use. They establish connections between cyber security companies and bring applicants and providers together.

NFIR is affiliated with Cyber Veilig Nederland.

Branch association BPOB - NFIR partner

Branch association BPOB

The BPOB supervises the quality of the services of the affiliated detective agencies...

Dutch innovation factory - NFIR partner

Dutch innovation factory

Sharing knowledge, working together, open innovation and creating are the goals of Dutch Innov...