Intermax Cloud Services

Intermax has grown into the most certified cloud sourcing company in the Netherlands. That has everything to do with her vision: systems are there to support people, not the other way around.

This vision forms the thread running through everything Intermax does, because its work is primarily and above all human work. It propagates this by overloading both its clients and its staff with attention, interest, commitment and transparency. As a frequent winner of the Best Workplace award, Intermax dares to guarantee that it is as adept at this as it is at managing technology.

Because Intermax knows that systems revolve around the people who work with them, it looks at cloud sourcing with different eyes. Because the best solutions are not found in the technology itself, but in the experience of the people who use it. That’s why Intermax likes to keep it safe, easy and clear. And she does so with unparalleled knowledge of her trade.

Intermax is a shareholder of NFIR. NFIR is regularly called in to support clients of Intermax by carrying out incident response, pen tests, IT Security Advice, Network Security Monitoring and Digital Forensic Investigations.

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