SecureMe2 provides an affordable high-end IDS technology in their clients’ network that analyses all outbound network traffic for malicious behaviour and communication with malicious destinations in real time. The platform’s analysis engines have updates with Cyber Threat Intelligence from sources of various security vendors. This gives this IDS the highest form of relevant matching of all solutions. An additional advantage is the detection of Shadow-IT usage by their customers such as Teamviewer, Dropbox, Wetransfer, VPN tunnels, etc.

NFIR is a development and knowledge partner of SecureMe2. We actively develop the underlying analysis technology and the dashboard that customers of SecureMe2 use on a daily basis. In addition, NFIR is reseller of the IDS platform ‘My SAM’ and in addition to SecureMe2 IDS we can also connect various other sources to the NFIR Insights platform.

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