The Incident Response Trajectory

Are you facing unexpected events in your IT environment, such as workstation lockdown, security breach, no longer able to access your data, a potential data breach or cybersecurity attack? At your request, NFIR takes immediate action with an Incident Response team.

The Incident Response Trajectory

I have an incident,
what am I supposed to do?

Download the Incident Response process steps here

so you know what to expect in the event of an IT security incident.

The Incident Response Trajectory

1. Call NFIR

NFIR can be reached 24/7 at

088 133 0700
. First follows a
telephone intake. Based there
of a CERT* is put together.

The Incident Response Trajectory

2. Team comes into action

Suitcases are assembled
with international good
inspected equipment and
CERT leaves for the customer.

The Incident Response Trajectory

3. Intake on location

Intake on location
carried out, in which NFIR all
available information to
trent the incident collected.

The Incident Response Trajectory

4. Securing data

Data becomes safe
posed for further digital

The Incident Response Trajectory

5. Triage

Affected devices and/or
systems are mapped
and plan of action
will be drawn up.

The Incident Response Trajectory

6. Containment

The affected devices and/or systems
be restored and security
is verified so that the normal
work as soon as possible
can be resumed.

The Incident Response Trajectory

7. Postal Incident

After resolving the incident, digital forensic
research are being carried out. The Incident Response
trajectory is always concluded with an investigation report,
in which advice to reduce the likelihood of such an incident
in the future are included.

The Incident Response Trajectory

Preventive measures

After the incident, NFIR
services such as penetration testing and
offer security monitoring.


CERT stands for Computer Emergency
Response Team. The feature becomes
by Carnagie Mellon University
awarded to companies and teams that
dedicate oneself to digital security

The Incident Response Trajectory

POB license

The POB (Private Investigation Bureau) permit issued by the Minister of Justice and Security allows NFIR to carry out its activities. In addition, the permit covers the processing of special personal data, which we (may) come into contact with when performing our services.

The Incident Response Trajectory

Permission Chief of Police

To determine whether employees
allowed to work for a detective agency, the Chief Constable’s department
tasks a screening carried out on
the reliability of all NFIR
employees. All NFIR employees
have such permission.

Security incident? Meet Incident Response

Our Incident Response team is available 24/7 to identify and resolve any cyber incident.