Security awareness for security awareness in the workplace

What is security awareness?

Security awareness is the extent to which employees are able to prevent and avert information incidents. The awareness and sense of responsibility that employees have in information security is of great importance. Other terms for security awareness are cyber awareness, security awareness, security awareness and information awareness. Processes and techniques are manageable, people a lot more difficult. Our Cyber Awareness services are aimed at making employees aware of the contribution they make to the digital security of your organization. NFIR offers lectures, workshops, hacker demos, phishing mail actions and security awareness (serious) games to increase cyber awareness.

For whom and why are the Security Awareness services useful?

NFIR offers lectures, workshops, hacker demos, phishing mail tests and security awareness (serious) games for every employee at every level within your organization. Working on security awareness after all, is important in every department and at all levels. Most organisations have undertaken various activities since the introduction of the GDPR (AVG) in order to comply with the Regulation in the best possible way. Some companies employ a Data Protection Officer who is tasked with ensuring compliance. There fits Cyber Awareness of course. This awareness among employees is very important, because the human factor is often the weakest link in the triangle of procedures, systems and people.

Cyber awareness lectures, workshops, hacker demos

Our starting point is to provide insight into the world of cyber security in an understandable language and in an attractive way in order to create awareness. Employees should experience the participation in our services as interesting and fun. Only then does it contribute in a natural way to reducing the chance of an IT security incident. We do this by having our enthusiastic and experienced staff present the daily practice and give live demonstrations that make participants think. During such a live demonstration, we use various technical tools to surprise listeners with the simplicity with which hackers gain access to company or personal data. There is also plenty of opportunity to ask questions and respond to the challenges within your own organisation.

By default, our security awareness services into the technical, practical, and policy side of IT security. We also pay attention to practical matters that employees need to look out for in order to keep themselves and the organisation safe. Our services are also tailored to our clients. We are happy to adapt to your wishes and requirements and offer our services for small and large groups.

Phishing mail tests

The most common and simple way cyber criminals operate is through (spear) phishing emails. Employees who are not alert can unconsciously contribute to important passwords, company data and personal data leaving your organization without permission. In addition, a phishing mail can cause unauthorized access to your systems, place malware and/or activate cryptolockers, making your valuable company data inaccessible. Enough reasons to make sure your employees recognize phishing mails and act correctly to minimize the damage of these types of Security incidents. Do you want to know how alert your employees are to cyber crime activities? Then have NFIR periodically perform a phishing mail test. We report the results of the cyber awareness test and advise you on how to reduce the risk of damage.

Cyber Awareness through (serious) games

NFIR offers various security awareness games to create awareness among your employees in a fun and interactive way. The (serious) games we offer are designed to deal with (the impact of) security incidents. How do your employees act after a data breach has occurred? What is it like to end up in a simulated crisis? How do we manage a crisis? What steps are we going to take and in what order? This and other aspects will be discussed during the (serious) games that NFIR offers at your location. Your employees play in a team and make use of all (digital) resources that we make available to your organisation.

Cyber security training and games for your employees?

Awareness among employees is very important; the human factor is often the weakest link.
in the triangle of procedures, systems and people.

Security awareness is about the awareness of security. Within organizations, employees are usually the weakest link and by increasing the security awareness of employees, the chance of an IT Security Incident is much smaller. Security Awareness Trainings for organizations are aimed at increasing awareness among employees, so that employees are able to prevent or avert incidents.

Security Awareness training and hacker demos are useful for everyone, because they help to increase awareness of information security. The extent to which someone is able to prevent security incidents can be increased with a security awareness training. The training not only teaches participants that they have to act carefully, but also how to be alert and what to pay attention to. NFIR’s security awareness training courses are aimed at making employees aware of the contribution they make to the digital security of the organisation for which they work.

With a phishing mail test you can check how alert your employees are on malicious emails. The specialists at NFIR will create an e-mail from your organisation and process some clues that will help an employee to discover that it is a phishing e-mail. That fake email is sent from a domain purchased by NFIR that is very similar to that of your organization (spelling error domain). Recipients are encouraged, for example, to fill in login details on a website created by NFIR. We process the results of the phishing test into a clear report that we share with you. In addition, we advise in the report on how you can reduce the risk of damage caused by phishing mail.

What is phishing and how do I prevent it?

NFIR offers the possibility to increase security awareness among employees by means of serious games. The aim of the game is not primarily entertainment, but to be able to learn from the example of the game in order to be able to act better in practice in case of an incident. Through a game security awareness is increased in a fun and interactive way.