Security monitoring

Security monitoring is an essential strategy for detecting network threats and is provided by NFIR as an automated service with advanced visualization via dashboards.
NFIR beeldmerk kleur
NFIR beeldmerk kleur

Security monitoring

Security monitoring is an essential strategy for detecting network threats and is provided by NFIR as an automated service with advanced visualization via dashboards.

What is security monitoring?

Under the GDPR legislation, the government requires you to take appropriate measures to protect personal information where you are responsible or processor. Protecting starts with monitoring network activities. NFIR’s vision on security monitoring is that this service should no longer be reserved for the largest companies in the Netherlands with a lot of security knowledge. For this reason, NFIR’s security monitoring service offers a very affordable and easy to interpret solution for SMEs (companies with 50 to 500 employees).

NFIR offers a 100% automated solution to monitor your network activities. You will receive critical notifications directly via email or text message and you can take action yourself. If desired, our Security Monitoring In addition, we can also relieve you of your worries when interpreting (more complex) reports. If things really go wrong, we can support you at any location with our Incident Response teams.

NFIR Insights for monitoring network activities

NFIR Insights is the name for the previously mentioned security monitoring service. Scalable, manageable and affordable. It offers an automated security monitoring solution to which various detection sources can be connected. The Insights engine analyses all data from the connected detection sources. Think of IDS sensors, Firewall logs, vulnerability scanners (external/internal), endpoint solutions, etc. With NFIR Insights, your organisation only has one central solution, from which easily interpretable notifications are made accessible to the dashboard or via APIs to your own ticketing environment. NFIR is a vendor independent provider of security monitoring services and adds your existing technology in combination with additional requirements to the Insights platform. It is a scalable model, where you can start very easily. There is hardly any installation time. A basic implementation of security monitoring with a turnaround time of two weeks is already possible .

Have Security Monitoring implemented?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Operation Centre (SOC) processed together in NFIR Insights,
our fully automated solution where you no longer interpret data yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Security monitoring involves monitoring network traffic and analysing log files in order to detect threats, vulnerabilities and cyber attacks at an early stage. NFIR offers a fully automated solution, so that you no longer need to interpret data yourself. Via a dashboard you can view all notifications and take action if necessary.

NFIR Insights, our security monitoring service, analyses all data from the connected detection sources and displays that processed data in an easy to interpret dashboard environment. NFIR’s security monitoring specialists automatically process the log data received on the basis of use cases, which are determined together with the customer. When monitoring network traffic, all information, including reports of suspicious activity, ends up in a dashboard. This way you are quickly informed of activities on your network and you can intervene adequately in case of suspicious activities.

Monitoring your network can help detect malicious behaviour early on. If you want to protect your network, it is best to start monitoring your network. You gain insight into your network, you are quickly informed of suspicious activities and you can take appropriate action if a suspicious situation arises.

NFIR’s security monitoring specialists are working on the development of the Insights platform every week. They process the information from devices in your network and analyse it using machine learning and proven detection rules.

Various detection sources can be connected to NFIR Insights. You can think of IDS sensors, firewall logs, vulnerability scanners (external/internal), endpoint solutions and the like.

MDR stands for Managed Detection and Response.

The MDR team consists of SOC Analysts, Security Engineers, Developers, Data Analysts, Service and Project Managers and Business Consultants. Our MDR department has a split into disciplines: Security Monitoring and Dossier Monitoring.