About us

Our society is increasingly affected by serious cyber security incidents that have major consequences for our digital infrastructure. Cyber security incidents are often focused on an organisation’s critical work processes, endangering the continuity of an organisation. As a result of changes in legislation and regulations, organisations are generally themselves responsible for the damage suffered and for repairing it. So quick and skilled intervention is essential, and NFIR can help you do that.

NFIR is a specialist in the field of cyber security. We help organizations limit the consequential damage of a cyber incident and secure digital forensic evidence to identify the cause of the damage. In addition, our services can help you increase your resilience to cyber incidents and provide support for improving and actively monitoring your digital infrastructure. Our experienced staff, all of whom are authorized by the Chief of Police, are able to support and advise you in a no-nonsense manner with our preventive services and reactive services.

Independent, knowledgeable and committed

NFIR’s key words are: Independent, knowledgeable and committed. We believe it is important to guide you in improving your cyber security with the right knowledge and services in an independent and committed manner. NFIR offers employees space to acquire the necessary knowledge and maintain current knowledge. This knowledge is also required to ensure that we can give you independent and honest advice. Our cyber security specialists are deeply involved in our clients’ IT security challenges.

We communicate in clear language with our customers. In this way we also report our findings. In addition, we aspire to the ‘numbers tell the tale’ approach, which enables us to help you in a targeted way by means of various types of research. The approach also includes further development of our services. As a result, our services keep in line with changing practice.

NFIR also provides technical and organisational support. With our knowledge and experience we can provide you with technical advice and advise you on the procedures and processes of information security. Enabling NFIR helps you to increase the resilience of your organisation’s cyber security in several areas.

If you would like to receive more information about what NFIR can do for you, please contact us at contact.