Awareness presentations

Investing in security and privacy awareness within your organization starts with training employees and management and/or board. Both parties play an important role in recognizing risk and reducing the likelihood of an incident. For employees, NFIR offers a presentation that introduces employees to key topics within cybersecurity. For management and board, NFIR is hosting an Incident Readiness presentation that addresses how an organization can prepare for an incident. Both presentations will provide the necessary tools that will have an immediate impact on your organization’s cyber security.

Awareness Program

Cybersecurity presentations for employees

Increasing resilience to cybersecurity incidents is a team effort. The cybersecurity presentation is therefore suitable for all employees. During this presentation, our specialists will discuss key cybersecurity topics. These are explained through the practical examples and tips. Following the presentation, it is possible to have a hack demo performed that fits well with the topics discussed. This hack demo shows the consequences of a successful ransomware attack and how employees can recognize a ransomware attack.

Incident Readiness presentations for management and board

Management and directors are often charged with specific responsibilities in the context of cyber threats and the preparation and resolution of cybersecurity incidents. In addition, they are empowered to make certain choices and must be able to justify them to the rest of the organization and any shareholders. The Incident Readiness presentation aligns seamlessly with these responsibilities. During the presentation, topics such as: How does the organization make the right organizational and technical preparations and what can you face when a cybersecurity incident actually occurs if things go wrong once. “Lessons learned” from other incidents are also discussed. In short, proper preparation for an insurmountable cybersecurity incident, which can significantly reduce the impact of an incident.

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Our presentations cover key topics within cybersecurity and are a great stepping stone to a resilient organization

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NFIR offers several short presentations on different topics and for different levels. Both for employees and the management and/or board of your organization.

During the cybersecurity presentation for employees, an approachable way to describe how your employees can make themselves resilient to cybersecurity incidents is named. Using everyday examples, the following topics, among others, are outlined

  • Account Security
  • Strong and weak passwords
  • Trusted apps and anti-virus programs
  • Phishing
  • CEO fraud

The average presentation including interaction and the opportunity to ask questions lasts 1.5 hours.

Both options are possible. Physical (as part of a program) can be done, but in some cases digital is more convenient since colleagues may be working from home and the presentation. In addition, the online option provides the opportunity to record the session. This allows employees who cannot attend to watch the recording back.