Global Botnet Disabled Through Cooperation


In a digital world filled with looming dangers such as ransomware, it is essential that we continue to innovate and collaborate to address these dangers. The recent success in eliminating the infamous Qakbot botnet illustrates this point perfectly and highlights the importance of initiatives, such as Project Melissa.

This is big news. The cooperation between the FBI and countries like the Netherlands, Germany and the UK is a great example of what sharing knowledge and information can lead to. From the Melissa project, with NFIR as a partner, this important information, which helped defuse the botnet, was retrieved and shared.

Global Botnet Disabled Through Cooperation

Qakbot and the Extent of the Threat

Qakbot, a botnet consisting of 700,000 systems, had been rolled out using phishing techniques. As a prominent player in the world of ransomware, Qakbot’s impact on individuals and businesses was enormous.

Project Melissa: A Light in the Darkness

Launched in 2022, Project Melissa aims to combat ransomware and related cyberattacks more effectively. This is achieved through better information sharing on threats and incidents and cooperation in the event of incidents. The project also offers action perspectives based on shared experiences to better protect society.

Involvement of institutions such as the Police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM), the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), and Cyberveilig Nederland (CVNL), as well as several private cybersecurity companies, has ensured that Project Melissa provides a powerful and coordinated approach against cyber threats.

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Looking Ahead

Although the elimination of Qakbot is a significant victory, it is only the beginning. We must remain vigilant and prepare for future threats. It is essential that organizations and individuals strengthen their cybersecurity measures, collaborate with initiatives such as Project Melissa, and stay abreast of emerging threats.

Stopping Qakbot is a win, but also a warning. We must continue to pay attention and protect ourselves. It is important to think ahead and be ready for new threats.

Ensure proper cyber security in your organization.

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NFIR and Project Melissa: A Joint Fight Against Cybercrime.

In an era when ransomware attacks make daily headlines, one project is at the forefront of defense: Project Melissa.

Global Botnet Disabled Through Cooperation