NFIR official supporting sponsor of CCRC Foundation


It’s official! We are happy to share that NFIR is a supporting sponsor of CCRC (Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium) Foundation, forming a fine partnership. This foundation is a new initiative in the Netherlands, supported by the government, with the goal of allowing organizations to cyber practice. CCRC increases the cyber resilience of the Netherlands by being able to conduct low-threshold chain-related cyber exercises. After all, proper preparation for a cyberattack is done together with your supply chain partners, because this is also where the danger comes from. NFIR shares in the mission to increase the cyber resilience of organizations and looks forward to a pleasant collaboration with the CCRC Foundation.

CCRC Foundation

CCRC participants are part of a platform with mainly (security) representatives of Dutch companies that want to conduct cyber exercises with their supply chain partners. Organizations within various sectors of different sizes can participate because a cyber attack can affect all organizations, large or small. Together with other participants we practice, test and share knowledge, this is how participants learn to work together in the chain.

NFIR official supporting sponsor of CCRC Foundation

Cyber boost session

Good preparation for a cyber crisis and cyber attack, together with the chain partners. This brings many benefits: Increase cyber resilience within the organization Be able to conduct affordable professional cyber exercises Participate in a chain exercise together with the chain parties Current insight into the risks of the chain Access to knowledge events about cyber threat, cyber exercises and cyber measures Visible that the organization takes cyber exercises seriously Confidential sharing of knowledge and experiences from the cyber exercises Lessons learned from the phases are shared with society via a white paper (anonymized) Participate? Register for this session through the cyber chain Resilience Consortium Foundation website.