Technological developments are rapid. ICT is becoming more and more important every day. This increases the possibilities, but also the complexity and vulnerability. Because many organisations and the business community depend on ICT to carry out their core processes, Legian offers support to keep ICT simple and manageable. With pragmatic solutions and a flexible work attitude, she ensures that companies with the right ICT facilities can realise their ambitions. She does this with a team of 150 experienced ICT specialists, Consultants and Project Managers for more than 400 large corporate clients in the Netherlands. Mostly organisations that are part of the national vital infrastructure. Legian’s strength is that, thanks to its flexibility, loyalty and pragmatic approach, it is able to have an advice followed by a well-functioning implementation, based on the principle that there is always room for improvement.

Legian is a shareholder of NFIR. NFIR is regularly called in to support Legian customers by carrying out incident response and pen tests.

Intermax Cloudsourcing - NFIR partner

Intermax Cloudsourcing

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Branch association BPOB - NFIR partner

Branch association BPOB

The BPOB supervises the quality of the services of the affiliated detective agencies...