NFIR official partner of CIS


We are proud to announce that with the purchase of the CIS SecureSuite license, we have become an official partner of the Center for Internet Security (CIS). We are excited to add our new CIS SecureSuite membership to our tool box.


As CIS SecureSuite members, we have access to multiple cyber security solutions including the CIS-CAT Pro configuration assessment tool, CIS Benchmarks, CIS Controls and more. These tools will help us monitor and secure customer systems. This allows us to assess their security status, monitor their compliance over time, develop custom configuration policies, and share compliance status with auditors and business partners.

CIS Benchmarks

CIS benchmarks are consensus-developed guidelines for secure configuration for hardening operating systems, servers, cloud environments, and more. There are over 100 CIS Benchmarks for over 14 technology groups. The CIS Benchmarks are recognized as best practices in secure configuration that can help organizations meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and other requirements. Unlike other security recommendations, the CIS Benchmarks are not derived from the perspective of a single vendor or security manufacturer. They are created through a unique consensus development process. Experts, security professionals and technologists from around the world contribute to the development of a single CIS benchmark. The CIS benchmarks are built by the consensus communities on a platform called CIS WorkBench. The internationally recognized CIS Benchmarks are used by NFIR to ensure that audit trails conducted are correct, unformed and optimized.

CIS Controls

The use of the CIS SecureSuite enables us to conduct quality audits. NFIR will use CIS Controls for its audits. This is a prioritized set of cybersecurity best practices and defensive measures. The CIS controls provide a clear and distinct path for organizations to follow to achieve their goals and objectives outlined in their legal and regulatory policy frameworks.