Incident Response

Are you confronted with unexpected events in your IT environment? NFIR is available to its clients 24/7 to map out and resolve any IT security incident.

Digital Forensics

NFIR specialises in the collection, identification and validation of digital information. We can find out whether (un)conscious actions have led to the consequences you experience.

Pen tests

Have the resilience of your website, (web) application or internal network checked by an NFIR penetration test. We offer customised pen tests, so that you get tested exactly where you want to gain insight into.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

An advanced 24/7 security control that includes a range of fundamental security activities. Our MDR department has a split into: Security Monitoring and File Monitoring.

Security Contracts

Companies benefit from good preventive measures and direct assistance from security professionals in the event of a Cyber Security incident. NFIR meets exactly this need with its Security Contracts.

Security Awareness

NFIR offers lectures, workshops, hacking demos, phishing simulations and Security Awareness games. With these interactive services we contribute to creating and increasing cyber awareness.