Digital forensics: OSINT

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Digital forensics: OSINT

Conducting an investigation often involves a piece of OSINT. OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence, also known as open source research. Since sources are used that are accessible to all, this is a light research tool to use during an investigation. In addition, having an OSINT survey conducted can in itself resolve issues such as what information can be found about you online and what impact it may have.
As a Private Investigation Agency, NFIR is not an official investigative agency as, for example, the police are. Therefore, NFIR does not have access to the same sources of information as investigative agencies. However, NFIR can use public records, such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Land Registry, as well as various search engines such as Google and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for this type of research.

Digital forensic investigation at NFIR

What exactly is your added value? I can use Google myself!

True, but NFIR possesses knowledge of certain software that makes OSINT research a lot more effective and faster. Moreover, NFIR uses more search engines than just Google and the researchers are familiar with sleight of hand to surface more information than the average Internet user. In addition, our investigators are able to make connections between evidence in a case and information found in open sources.

What are "open sources" anyway?

Open resources are resources that are accessible to everyone. These sources can be free, such as search engines, social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, etc.) or fee-based, such as the Chamber of Commerce registry and the Land Registry.

What kind of information can be found using OSINT?

Consider, for example, information about IP addresses (who controls the IP address, what is the location of the IP address, when it was registered, etc.), buildings (what is its location, when was it built, who does it belong to, etc.) and people (who knows who, what did someone do at a certain time, what photos does someone post, what is their contact information, etc.).

Digital forensics?

Use our report in court or when you make a report to another
official body (such as the Data Protection Authority).

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Digital Forensics

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