How do you ensure that your staff works safely from home?


How do you ensure that staff at your organization work from home safely? Are there agreements within your company about “digital hygiene? In this article, several tips and tricks will be explained, to make sure that your staff can also work safely at home work.

Safe home working in turbulent times

In today’s age where almost everyone is asked to work from home, the pressure is also increasing on many organizations to offer work-from-home solutions. But how certain is it that these solutions are safe? And how can you be sure that these solutions have been implemented in a secure manner?

Citrix had been the market leader in the field of secure home working solutions for years, but even Citrix software solutions contained vulnerabilities that made it child’s play to break into networks.

Therefore, especially in these turbulent times, it is immensely important to have some crucial steps for work-at-home solutions in order. This gives you a lot more certainty about the continuity and safety of your organization.

5 tips for a secure work-from-home solution

A secure work-from-home solution contains several elements, with the important thing being to let usability go hand in hand with security. In any case, these five tips will help you to ensure that the home working solution offered is more secure.

  1. Enable two factor authentication

By enabling 2FA or two factor authentication, you reduce the chances that an attacker who has stolen passwords from employees can actually use them. Many existing solutions such as Office365 or VMWare View provide options for administrators to enable these options.

  1. Have a clear and strong password policy

It is important for employees to choose a secure password, to facilitate this it is important to have a clear and strong password policy. It is recommended to have a password length of at least 12 characters, special characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase.

  1. Use only business devices

The use of corporate hardware (managed by employers) gives you as an organization control over the software installed on the devices. This ensures that as an employer you can enforce that certain safety measures can be taken. In addition, as an employer, you can only allow business devices within the home office solution.

  1. Get the work-at-home solution tested

To be more certain about the digital security status of your homeworking solution, it is extremely important to have it properly pen-tested. This involves detecting potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by potential attackers.

  1. Security monitoring as a digital burglar alarm

In order to detect if an attacker may be trying to get in, it is important to apply some form of security monitoring to the corporate network. In doing so, it is especially important to monitor the servers that are being worked on. This involves monitoring traffic to detect attackers. So a kind of digital burglar alarm.

Want to know how secure your work-from-home solution is?

Want to know the extent to which the home office facility is technically resilient to hackers? Please contact us. We will be happy to speak to you and do everything we can to assist your organization in these turbulent times in the field of IT Security!

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